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The Free Gift
Rick Johnson's Personal Testimony of Jesus Christ and His saving Grace.

In 1999 I had come to the end of me.  I was alone in a 1-bedroom home that I was renting for $200 a month.   I was divorced with 2 kids that I was allowed to see only every other weekend.  I was embarrassed that my girls had to either sleep in my bed and me on the couch or they wanted to sleep on blankets on the floor, pretending it was a camp out. I had destroyed my marriage and was not earning a very good income.  I was barely able to pay the bills.  I was also playing in a rock band and doing many things that I was not proud of.   My main problem was me.  I could feel God pulling at my heart for years.  I would just ignore Him and find something to keep me busy.  This endless treadmill was finally getting to me.  I would spend endless nights crying for my girls wanting to provide a better life for them and spend more time with them.

In January of 1999 I was by myself one night in my house and could feel God really wanting me to listen to Him not me anymore.   No one was around to lead me to an alter or pray with me the "Sinners Prayer" what ever that is. It was just me and God.  Or maybe it would be more appropriate to say God and me.  I finally cracked and started crying at the top of my voice.  I wasn’t drinking, on drugs, or crazy.  I was just coming to the end of me.  I dropped to my knees and literally looked up and started yelling at God that I was done with me trying to make this life work and was no longer going to try.  I told Him that I give it all over to you.  It is now yours to deal with.  I can't seem to get anything right.  I have done horrible things in my life that hurt lots of people and did not want to do that anymore.  I could feel Him in my heart agree that He would take over.  I then told Him that He was responsible for however my life turned out.  Again I could feel Him agree to the terms.

Immediately I started to feel some relief.  It was not an over night change.  I was relieved to get all of the junk off of my chest.  When I was 10 yrs old I went to the alter at a Baptist church in Pana IL to accept Jesus as my savior.  Shortly after that my grandmother died and my grandfather moved away.  We did not continue to go to church.  It wasn't until that one night in January as a man did I start to really give my life to Christ.  That is when things started to change.  As I stated before it was the beginning of a process that is still going on today and will continue to progress until it is my time.

I wasn't sure where to start but I knew I had to do something.  So I started down a road of trials and tribulation.  I wanted to know more about God and what I am suppose to do.  So I joined a church.  I spent several years going to church and listening to sermons.  Many of them were very moving, but I felt something was missing.  Then due to the blessings of my Father God I was now working in a position to hire people again.  God brings me Bob Coker.

Now here is where things really start to change.  Bob started asking me questions about the bible and different verses and telling me that I was righteous.  I wasn't sure what he was talking about since the church taught me that no one is righteous not even one.  Then through out the span of time, being blessed with a radio show with Bob and I as the hosts and prayer God revealed to me the greatest news on the planet.

I was truly shocked that hardly anyone I knew understood this Grace message.  I was stunned that very few Christians really understood the Gospel.  I was even more horrified that everywhere I went it was being taught incorrectly.  Galatians started to make more sense now.  This is when it became a life long mission to share the most fantastic, greatest, beautiful news in the entire universe with all who will swallow their pride and be open to hear.

Glory be to God and His Son for the sacrifice that made me Righteous, Holy, Pure, Justified, Sanctified and yes even Glorified!
Amen. Amen. Amen

Rick Johnson

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