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Kingdom Thinking

Kingdom thinking is victory thinking

Are your thoughts in sync with God's word?
You can walk in victory when we align our thoughts with His word. Listen to what Bob and Rick have to say on this.
If your thoughts leave you feeling depressed, not good enough, not worthy of the love of God, then your thinking is not in step with the truth.  God tells us that we have a new identity, yet we still see ourselves in the flesh when we have died to the flesh.  Being dead to sin is being dead to sin.  How come we want to keep bringing it back from the grave?

This is very destructive to faith.  Faith is believing God.  Taking God at His word sounds simple, but with the lies of the enemy running through our minds based on lies we still feel condemned.  We no longer have to feel this way when we learn that we have been and are being lied to by the enemy.