Law & Grace
The Free Gift
Until you understand Romans you will not understand the Bible!

Click on the following links to unlock the hidden mystery as revealed by Paul.  Now being revealed to the Saints!

Romans 1 - It is by faith that we will be saved not by works.  Here paul makes it clear that we have two paths we can choose.  It is vital we make the right choice or we will be in bondage forever.

Romans 2 - Paul shows that in no way can anyone make it by their own ability.

Romans 3 - There are 2 roads to becoming Righteous (right standing with God).  It is here that Paul makes it clear that you must walk by faith or by works (our ability to get right with God).

Romans 4 - Paul gives examples of how Righteousness was credited to those by Faith not by Works.  Abraham being the main focus, since he was so exalted by those who followed the law.

Romans 5 - One of the most beautiful chapters in the bible.  Come and study with us as we unlock the love of God.

Romans 6 - What do we do with Sin?  This is the biggest stumbling block to the legalists.  They will stumble over the only thing that will save them for fear of losing the ability to exalt themselves above others who are not as good as them.  This simply does not line up with the Word.

Romans 7 - Paul did not struggle.  Ouch that may offend the legalists.  He did give an example of the struggle that the legalists go through. 

Romans 8 - Paul concludes it so well here as the continuation of thought from chapter 7 as he lays out the only way that makes any sense at all.  Listen as you discover how FREE you really are.